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Some instant help solutions if you need

Here are some instant solutions if you need. If you need more help you can ask to us in forum or you can visit to our distributors point near to you. Also you can send us your questions through our official mail id.

Biidcom.com is an initiative by Webrothers digital. We have services more than you can think. Our motto is to build up your career totally. If you are thinking about any platform from where you can build a complete career then our platform will be best choice without any question. To many types of services you can provide to your area that people will come to your service point without thinking that they should get help or not. To provide these services you have to be registered with us first. In our site you have “Apply” option from where you can send us your requirements to get register with us. After we get your confirmation our one executive will contact to you for details. And another option is to contact with our any distributor. By that you should join with us as soon as possible.
We have two types of contact to us process. If you are a registered agent of us you have option in your profile with “add ticket”. From there you can send us your problem while working. Our team will get action immediately on your issue. And can contact with you. But if you are not a registered agent of us you can go with our contact to us page. You can send your issue with proper details. There you can fill the form with proper criteria and send them to us. Our team will contact with you as we resolved them.
Biidcom is a community place to develop your business, information and identity. Our platform is here to grow your business by our multiple tools provided to your profile. You can open as many branches you want in multiple places, can advertise your business or product by many tools like sponsored advertisements, flash advertisements, can start selling through our marketplace and much more. Through opening difference branches you can grow your sale very easily, just have to engaged more people or have to add more shops to grow your sales in different places. You can saved your all customers data online also for future selling too.
We have two types of section to make a complain to us. As a registered agent you can find everything process on your agent profile. How to make complain, how to contact with us and everything. Your agent profile has everything to get help from us while working. But as a customer or as a served people if you have any types of complain with our service, or with the service you got from our end or our agent you can visit our contact us page and can send everything issue happened with you to us. Our team will get attention with your issue and by this we can make our portal more effective and positive.
If you are a business owner and want to be connected with us or want to grow your business with us we are open for this also. Our platform is ready to make B2B business also. We help to grow your sale by our portal, we help to delivered your product to the customers address, we help business entity as a background support, and we help your business with customers support and much more. To get started you should visit our any distributor point which is near to you. And they will help you the most to be registered with us to grow your business.
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